Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mike Bibby=All Star

Tonight on TNT the All Star starters will be announced. I'm not sure when the reserves will be announced, but if Mike Bibby is not among them









That is all.


Jason Walker said...

Amen to THAT!

Drew Ditzel said...

greetings from Jamaica Coco.

i have thought a lot about this one and it is one of those arguments that someone could vehemently disagree with me and I would not be mad.

But i am with you. Let Bibby be a first timer.

Bret LaGree said...

John Hollinger dissents in his chat this afternoon:

Joe (atlanta): I don't understand how mike bibby is not mentioned as an highs in shooting, second leading scorer, and people in atlanta will tell you he is the teams mvp!

SportsNation John Hollinger: (3:34 PM ET ) Have you seen Bibby play defense? That's why he's not going to make it. Bibby actually has a better PER than Johnson, but his massive defensive shortcomings are one reason Johnson is so overworked -- watch how they bend over backwards to try to hide him on D.

CoCo said...

Yeah because All Stars are chosen mainly for their defense. I'm sure that's how Steve Nash, who couldn't keep a cardboard player in front of him gets in. A I, Chris Paul, T Mac if we're just naming guards. Heaven forbid we move on to other positions. Lack of defense would exclude, Amare, Yao, Carmelo just to name a few. Forget Hollinger. I don't care if they view it as a lifetime achievement award or whatever. Bibby has to be an All Star.

Jason Walker said...

---and with the AS Game being the showcase for the league's best defense and all---

AG. said...

Bibby is the man. He is exactly what the Hawks needed, well him and health for the team.

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