Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Season Series Sweep.

Statistically it doesn't make sense, but the Hawks beat the Bulls last night.

The Bulls rebounded more. 48

The Bulls ran more. 19 fast break points

The Bulls shared the ball more. 25 assists

The Bulls scored in the paint more. 40 points

The Bulls even hit baskets more. (okay that doesn't make sense, but I really wanted to end that sentence with the word more). They made more shots, whatever. 40-83 (.482)
They lost despite all of those things.

The Hawks had more steals. <9> Mike Bibby had 5 of them.

The Hawks attempted and made more three pointers. <9-25> Mike Bibby had 5 of them.

The Hawks had more points, which is the only thing that matters. <105>


Ryne Nelson said...

Tough loss for the Bulls, but if last night shows anything, it's the power of mistakes. The Bulls had far more turnovers and the Hawks made them pay. Oh, and Lawler's Law stays true!

CoCo said...

Yes, the Bulls are awfully careless with the ball at times. I should also give Vinny D some credit for us winning this game. And I thought Woody had some questionable rotations.....