Thursday, January 29, 2009

Free Throw Shooting Clinic

You can't miss 15 free throws.

I'm so happy I was in my car listening to miss after miss on the radio as opposed to being at home watching it on television. At one point I thought Steve Holman was going to leave in disgust. Could we really blame him if he had just said to hell with this?

Come on guys. Just, come on.


Practice makes perfect, or in this case hopefully practice makes at least average.

Free throws aren't the only problem, they aren't even the biggest problem. The biggest problem is that our starting back court has lost it's ability to make shots. Flip Murray has been the best guard on the team for the past 3 games. With all due respect to Flip, this is not a recipe for success. I'm not just saying that because Flip terrifies me on any given night. They've lost the last 3 games. I can't make this stuff up.

Normally teams lose when the guys who make the big bucks don't play well for several games at a time. In this case those two guys are Joe Johnson and Mike Bibby. They've played so poorly I openly plead for Flip when he's not on the floor.

Josh is making big bucks, but he's played relatively well of late.

If things keep going the way they are going the team is going to have to adjust it's goals from winning 50 games and making the playoffs with home court advantage to something more feasible like winning at least 41 games and making the playoffs period. (which is what Rick Sund had in mind, not necessarily only 41 games, but at least having a winning record)

They really need to finish off January on a positive note because February's schedule is not going to be kind to them. They only have 3 home games.

I mean I know it's the shortest month and all, but damn. Of course they get it all back in March where they have 11 out of 12 at home, but they could be out of contention by then. Do I actually think they'll fall out of the playoff race in the East? No, but stranger things have happened.

I'd love to think that when Al comes back we'll right all of our wrongs, but Al can't do anything about the fact that Bibby and Joe can't seem to score anymore. All players go through shooting slumps so I can deal with that reality, but they (Mike in particular) have to find other ways to contribute when their shots are not falling and they (Mike in particular, Joe, not so much) haven't been able to do that. Mike is the point guard so he is still responsible for making sure the offense (whatever it is) runs smoothly. He's not been doing that. He's become one of those one dimensional players who when they aren't scoring they might as well be in the locker room. That is unacceptable. Maybe he just needs to be reminded that he's in a contract year.

While they are still on pace to end the month at 4-3 like I'd hoped, I don't feel good about the upcoming New Jersey game. They had them down by 20 at the half the last time they played and they lost. Mike Bibby isn't going to all of a sudden be quick enough to keep Devin Harris in front of him. Heaven help us if Vince Carter decides he wants to channel his inner Vince Carter circa 2000. It could get ugly. I have to assume Mike and or Joe will come to life sooner rather than later.

I'm going to go ahead and assume it will happen Friday.

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Jason Walker said...

CC---Great post---obviously, it shook up the team. Nice.