Saturday, August 4, 2007

755, 500, Playmaker

Hank has company! Barry finally hit #755. He actually did it in San Diego which kinda surprises me. It also surprises me that the San Diego fans weren't really all that vicious. There were plenty of boos, but it sounded like there were way more cheers. Clay Hensley (the pitcher who gave up 755) will become the answer to a trivia question one day. Good for him. I'm sure Barry won't play tomorrow, he needs to break the record in San Fran. The fans deserve it.
A-Rod finally hit #500. He's the youngest player ever get to 500. I'm glad it's over and so is he. He had been in a tremendous slump prior to today.
It's only fitting that Barry and A-Rod reached milestones on the same day. If Alex stays healthy, he'll be taking the home run record from Barry soon enough.
Michael Irvin was all tears at his Hall of Fame induction. I didn't expect anything less from the Playmaker, he's an emotional dude!


white hot eboy said...

Co Co, as much as I love the "U" and respected Michael's pro game, his speech seemed to go on forever and ever and ever and ever. I think he intentionally slowed his cadence to get his many points across. Leave it to a 'Cane to make sure the spotlight shines brighest on him.

CoCo said...

I agree with you E-Boy, but I knew he'd be overly-dramatic. That's who Mike is so I didn't expect anything less.