Sunday, August 19, 2007

Free Mike Vick!

Yanks won, Sux lost. Yanks are now only 4 games behind the Sux. Enter 3 game losing streak. It's bound to happen because it has happened several times this season. They close the gap just enough to get our hopes up, then they falter. I totally hope it doesn't happen, but I'm prepared for it if it does.
Johan Santana was a monster today. The Twins need to go ahead and trade him to the Yankees and quit playing. He struck out 17 through 8 innings. Damn.
Troy Smith didn't look terrible for the Ravens tonight, I hope he at least makes the team. He's a cutie!
Roger Federer beat the hell out of James Blake to win his 50th tournament title. There isn't a more dominant athlete in sports right now.
The Grand Jury is supposed to reconvene in the Vick case tomorrow. You know at first I was all for Vick taking a plea, but now I'm like f*ck that! Go to trial! It's your word against theirs and they are some unscrupulous mutha *******! I know he doesn't have a squeaky clean past, but his legal woes are nowhere near what theirs are. All he needs is one Michael Vick fan, just one and he'll walk his ass out of that courtroom. Since everyone is convinced race determines your allegiance in this case I suppose he just needs one brutha or sista on the jury to walk. Go for it Mike! Tell your lawyer to stand up in a court of law and proclaim your innocence! Tell that judge and jury that you spend at least 7 months of the year in Atlanta and there's no way you had time to do all the things your cousins said you did! Speaking of your cousins, they are trifling as hell!!!!! Damn, if you can't count on family who can you count on?? They ought to be ashamed ganging up on Mike like this. I'ma get me a free Mike Vick t-shirt if he goes to trial. Dog fighting is illegal and all that good stuff, but there's no way this man should be facing as much jail time as he's facing because of this. You have rapists, and pedophiles and murderers of humans who don't get the scrutiny that he's getting and who don't face as much time as he's facing. Our legal system is a joke like that sometime. Save your nasty comments. I'm against dog fighting and I'd never watch it, but I'm just saying we need to put things into perspective in this country. I love the way everyone is talking about the value of animals and then going home and sitting down to steak and chicken dinners every night. Its a little hypocritical dontcha think? Mike, I think you are dumb as hell, but I don't think your life should be over because of this. Free Mike Vick!!!!

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