Friday, August 10, 2007

Haters, Coin Toss

The Titans are hatin' on Pacman! They are tryna stop this man from getting money! They've filed for a restraining order to prevent him from wrestling! They're playing the old language in his contract card. "All NFL players have language in their contracts that prohibit them from engaging in activities 'which may involve a significant risk of personal injury. We certainly believe wrestling to be hazardous, and it is obvious from the player's conduct that he is ignoring this aspect of his agreements with the club." The Titan's need to quit acting like they are trying to make sure he doesn't injure himself because they want him to be able to return. It will probably be a cold day in Atlanta in July before they pay him to wear their uniform again. They just want to make sure he doesn't get hurt so that they'll be able to trade him if/when he's reinstated. I'm sure Pacman wasn't going to be jumping from the ropes putting dudes in sleeper holds and ish like that. He's probably just going to be an over glorified hype man. I think it's a travesty that this dude is suspended with no pay but once a week he has to report to a meeting here, there and everywhere. When they stop paying you for the entire year, you shouldn't have to report anydamnwhere! So what if he wants to get another job so that he can have some income? Dude was makin it rain like 3 times a week so there's a good chance he wasn't budgeting his money. He might be broke as hell and need the money the TNA was going to give him. The NFLPA sucks!!!! Someone needs to set up a meeting between Donald Fehr and Gene Upshaw. Fehr can give him tips on how to render the Commissioner useless! I'm going to try to make this happen!
Yanks won, Sux lost. The young pitchers were great! That vaunted bullpen of the Sux coughed up a 4 run lead. I hope they do that at least 3 times per week. A girl can dream!
Romeo Crennel said he's going to flip a coin to see which quarterback gets the start during their first pre-season game. Of course the ESPN NFL Live guys are acting like this is the most devastating thing known to man. They're talking about the team trusting in his ability to decide this and that and blah, blah, blah. All Romeo is saying is that none of the quarterbacks on his roster suck any more or less than any of the others. Since neither one of them is going to give the team a real chance to win games, he might as well let a coin decide which dude he can blame when he's fired in week 8. Trust me, that's all he's saying! Plus, when you have to choose between two things and no matter which way you go it isn't going to be that big of a deal there's no better way to decide than a good ole fashioned coin toss. Let's not make a big deal of this. Put yourself in Romeo's shoes, you'd do the same. It's like death by lethal injection or death by electrocution. Yeah, one may be a little (lot) more painful than the other but the end result is always the same.

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