Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Age of Love (Age mattered in the end)

Well the show is finally over and the final two were Amanda (25, psychotic with stalker potential) and Jen (48, asst to Jerry Buss) He picked Amanda. In the end age really did matter!! Throughout the whole show he gave Jen the best dates. She had 2 one on one's with him and he didn't give Amanda any one on one dates until the last show. He took Jen for a ride on a motorcycle and on a carriage ride around the city, they gave each other "massages" off camera (we all know what that means) Up until the very last date the only way Amanda got any real alone time was when she crept in his tent and waited for him to come back from a one on one date with Jayanna. (another opportunity to spend time with Amanda but he chose someone else) Now all of a sudden she's someone that he'd always felt a connection with. Well, he sure does have a funny way of showing a girl he really likes her. No wonder he had to come on a television show to find a girlfriend! I imagine his normal routine when he meets a girl he likes is to take her on a group date every time they go out and ignore the hell out of her after that. He's a smooth one that Mark. All I know is when she flips out on him and boils that little dog of his, he totally deserves it! She's crazy and in a roundabout way she tried to show him that, but I guess he just couldn't see it. Bless his heart. He kept saying that the age didn't matter, but clearly it did. He really liked Jen and had she not been 18 years his senior he would have chosen her, there's no way you can make me believe otherwise. He and Amanda could very well have a long lasting relationship. She's ready to worship him! She managed to get 2 women eliminated from conversations that she had with Mark. She's a go getter for damn sure! I can't wait to see who they pick to do this show next time. Might I suggest Derek Jeter?

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