Thursday, August 23, 2007

Random Stuff

So, I'm tired of this whole Michael Vick fiasco, but when something new happens I must make mention of it. He is apparently not going to plead guilty to killing any dogs or gambling on any dog fights. The only thing he's going to plead guilty to is the charge of interstate commerce for the purpose of dog fighting. ESPN legal analyst Lester Munson says that there's no way the judge will let Vick not plead to these other charges when his 3 co-defendants already plead guilty to them. He may be right about the judge not letting Vick skate on those issues, but his reasoning makes no sense to me. What in the hell does your pleading guilty to something have to do with me? Just because those other 3 said they killed dogs that doesn't mean Vick had to have killed any. If he didn't (he probably did) then why the hell should he have to say he did just because the other 3 said they did. That makes absolutely no sense to me. I guess we'll see what happens Monday.
The USA beat the hell out of the US Virgin Islands. Kobe turned 29 today. He's getting a little long in the tooth Mitch. Help a brotha out!
Tim Donaghy is apparently still going to get his pension from the NBA which would be around $78,000 for the next 10 years. Wow.
The WNBA playoffs have started and I actually watched most of the Indiana/Connecticut game. it went into triple OT with Connecticut ultimately winning. The game was so intense as well it should be considering its a best of 3 series. The NBA should adopt that format. I hate the fact that teams are unfazed by a loss early in a series. You could tell by the looks on the women's faces that whoever lost that game was going to be stressed as hell! It was a great game and the first triple ot game in WNBA playoff history.

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