Thursday, August 9, 2007

Lil Penny, Unwritten Rules

The Miami Heat signed Penny Hardaway today. I'm not kidding, they really did. Seriously, Penny used to be THAT dude, but this is not the mid 90's and on top of that he's 36 years old. I mean damn, Penny Hardaway is not the type of player that just crosses your mind. You have to look for him. It's not like when free agency started the Miami Heat had Penny on their radar as the player they just had to have. Or did they? All I know is they are old as hell and they didn't need to get any older! I wish him the best though because he was one of my favorite players as a teenager. Ya'll know ya'll loved those Lil' Penny commercials! In a related story, Magic is going to step down and rejoin the Lakers on the court and Barkley is moments away from signing with Dallas.
Roger Clemens got suspended 5 games for hitting Alex Rios (who's an absolute cutie) Its not fair though. He was only defending A-Rod who they threw behind in the first game and then actually hit in another game. I mean where is baseball headed when you can't even stick up for your teammates by drilling an unsuspecting batter in his ribs with a 90 mph fast ball?? Joe Torre also got suspended for one game.
Pacman said that he's only been arrested twice, not the six times that have been reported and confirmed. And, he said when he went to the strip club before he met with the Commish, he just went to get something to eat. I've never had strip club food, but I'm sure you can't find a better meal anywhere.


The HCIC said...

why did u taunt me with that penny news? I'm worried for dwyane. this doesn't bode well for the 2nd ring.

CoCo said...

I don't mean to taunt Head Chick. I'm just sayin.... Where in the hell did they find Penny Hardaway?

white hot eboy said...

Co Co, on the serious tip, if Penny can just control the offense for a 10 minutes a half, he would provide some worth. His height alone is a step-up from last year with Payton and Quinn. And if he can jell with Shaq like it WAS '95, then who knows, it could be kinda exciting in the FLA.

CoCo said...

EBOY if you believe, I believe.