Sunday, August 12, 2007

Random Stuff

Tiger won his 13th Major. (yawn) I knew he wouldn't go the whole year without winning one.
Yanks won, Sux lost! Eric Gagne has been a DISASTER! I hope he keeps it up.
Pacman made his much anticipated debut on TNA wrestling. The Titans had previously sought a restraining order, but they were able to reach an agreement that allowed Pacman to perform. I must say they were very reasonable. Jones, the team and TNA reached an agreement Friday allowing him to perform -- under extensive stipulation. He could not touch or be touched, grapple, shove, throw or have anything thrown at him by anyone working for or watching the show. I'm surprised they didn't have him carried through the tunnel for fear he might trip and sprain his ankle.
Word on the street is Goodell will announce a suspension for 7 for the 2007 season this week or next. We've all known this was coming for a while, he might as well make it official.
Donovan will not play in the Eagles first preseason game. Donovan, I'm begging you pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaase take more time to recover!!!

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