Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Random Stuff

Yanks got the hell beat out of them by the Jays 15-4.
The Celtics want Reggie Miller to unretire. I'm all for anything that will get him the hell away from broadcasting. He was HORRIBLE!!!!!
Forgot to mention yesterday, Brady Quinn finally signed a contract. Its about time. Jamarcus needs to hurry it up.
Barry hit #757 tonight. Does anyone really care??
The Padres are about to cut David Wells. He's been AWFUL!!! They probably should have considered doing this weeks ago.
Priest Holmes says he'll gladly be the #1 running back if LJ wants to sit out. Word on the street is if LJ holds out til week 10, he'll lose so much money that by the time he comes back he'll be playing the remainder of the season for free. I don't know how much he's supposed to make this year, but I say he better get his ass in camp and get that money. I know he had a GREAT year last year, but teams are so going to pay attention to him this year! He might look like the LJ in the playoffs against the Colts. That LJ was awful. Plus he's damn near 30, (27) no team in their right mind is going to give him the kind of money he wants. (28 million guaranteed! Who does he think he is, the #1 overall pick?) He really wants to be paid like LT, only problem is, he ain't LT. Stop the madness LJ. Running backs are not irreplaceable. They just aren't. I'll admit he's probably worth more than whatever he's due to make, but hey those are the breaks sometime. I guess we'll just have to watch the Fantasia video to see him until week 10.

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