Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Random Stuff

Alright, so I have a rather stressful family situation that I have to attend to so this blog might suffer a bit. I'll do what I can though. Anyway.
Yanks lost, Sux did too. Rivera coughed up another game. I guess we see why Cashman wanted to take the wait and see approach with that contract extension.
Jamarcus Russell still hasn't signed. Seriously, the NFL needs to just put a cap on Rookie salaries and keep it moving. He better set the league on fire when he finally suits up!
Vick's team of lawyers have differing opinions about how to approach this case. I guess some want him to plea while others want to move forward with a trial. I'd lean more toward the lawyer who wants to plea. It ain't looking good for 7, that's for damn sure.
Tim Donaghy plead guilty today and now everyone is ready to move on. One of the more interesting things to come from this is Donaghy supposedly just supplied his conspirators with inside info about who was calling the games and etc. The fact that people are compelled to bet big money on games on account of who's officiating should have David Stern extremely concerned about the image of his league. We've all know that referees show an enormous amount of bias toward the Superstars and now it's been confirmed. This is a problem the league has needed to address for a long time and I'm glad David Stern will have to acknowledge that games aren't officiated fairly. The players and real fans have been saying this for years. Hopefully now the favoritism shown for the household names will cease. It's only fair!

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