Thursday, August 2, 2007

Bridge Collapse

So last night when I got home at 12:43 (technically this morning) I was returning from my birthday dinner with my homegirls and a guy friend. Anyway, I was a bit disturbed because I had to pay for my own dinner on my birthday, with my homegirls. I was actually quite pissed because I always put lots of money into their birthday celebrations and they've never had to pay for their own food. Not to mention, they ate most of the appetizer I ordered and they didn't even offer to put in a damn dime. Anyway, I walked in my bedroom and turned on the tv (which I always put on ESPN news before I leave the house) and I noticed in the bottom right corner; Royals/Twins game postponed Thursday or something like that. I thought to myself they must be expecting a storm or the Dome has to be used for a circus and it's gonna run late so screw the Twins game. Anyway, I checked out the news and I saw that a bridge had collapsed during rush hour traffic. I didn't really understand the magnitude of it until I saw the footage. I immediately got over myself. So what if my friends didn't pay for my dinner. These people were just making their daily commute to and from work and they were sitting on a bridge that they've probably sat on hundreds of times and this time it let them down. I can't imagine sitting in my car and then all of a sudden the road beneath me starts to crumble. No one expected their day to take that kind of turn. It's just crazy. And now there are reports that the bridge has been described as "structurally deficient" twice in 6 years. The thought that this possibly could have been prevented saddens me. I can't imagine the devastation people are feeling while they wait to hear from their loved ones who have to travel that route daily. It put my night into perspective in a hurry.

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natasha said...

I understand what you're saying, but I see it differently. I see your friends as the "bridge" that let you down that night. Of course this is figurative, and I definitely am not taking away from the magnitude of what happened in Minnesota. If anything what happened should help us to put things and people into perspective. I'm just thinking, who needs "friends" like that?