Saturday, April 19, 2008

Suns/Spurs: It's Gonna Be Haaard To Top This One!

The Suns/Spurs game one definitely lived up to the hype!

I don't like that the pundits are already bitching about Phoenix's foul trouble. If you listened to them you'd never know the reigning Final's MVP who also happens to be one of the Spurs best players fouled out.
Do they not think Tony Parker is as important to the Spurs as Amare is to the Suns? If they don't then they're wrong. Dead wrong. Tony is damn near untenable. He gets to the rim with ease on anybody, and when he only has a statue like Steve Nash standing in his way, it makes it that much easier for him to get to the rim. He knows this, which is why he's constantly attacking them. When you lose your starting point guard, who happens to be the reigning Finals MVP you're at a slight disadvantage whether the analysts want to acknowledge this or not. Rest assured the Suns are bout to start whining again because it's never their fault when they lose. It's always everyone conspiring against them. Nevermind the fact that they blew a 16 point lead and left Shaq on the floor when he was CLEARLY a defensive liability. He was playing with five fouls and everyone on the Spurs knew this so they went right at him and all he could do was move out the way. Why the hell would you have him on the floor if he's not even going to attempt to play defense?? I know I'm not a coach, but from where I'm sitting that makes absolutely no sense.
Yeah, his presence is normally a big help defensively, but not when he's trying to avoid fouling out. In my opinion, this played right into the Spurs hands. They knew they could get uncontested layups. For all of the coaching errors D'Antoni made, leaving Shaq in there to watch Ginobili blow right by him was one of the biggest.

BTW, Cleveland and New Orleans won. The Jazz/Rockets game is still going on so I have no final for that one yet. I'm outta here!
I hope the Spurs sweep em!

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Hey, I just saw your blog because you had a comment on the slam magazine website, and I just have to say that your game recaps/blog posts are very well written and overall just awesome. Keep it up!