Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Who Blinks First?

Apparrently the Bengals are serious about not trading Chad Johnson.

"I've stated our case with Chad," Lewis said. "He has a contract through 2011. He's stated without an opportunity to go to a different team and a new contract, he wasn't going to play. I think he's a man of his word and says he's not going to play, so don't play."

I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand I think players should do whatever it takes to make sure they're financially set. I mean, the NFL contracts are not guaranteed and if they can cut them without notice then they should try to get all they can while they can.

Howeva, I have to applaud the Bengals for sticking to their guns. If I owned a team I'd probably be a real bitch about things. I can't see myself letting an employee talk all reckless to me! Some of these players are getting a little too big for their breeches! If you were a millionaire literally paying someone millions of dollars you'd feel a little bit differently about things. At least I assume you would. These owners make a lot of money off these players and they only give them a small fraction of it. But, it's no different than any other company. No one makes near the amount of money they generate or manage for their employers. You know it's true. For whatever reason we're only offended about athletes being underpaid. Honestly, it's hard for me to feel bad for someone who can't budget millions of dollars. I'm all for them getting money, but I tune them out when they start bitching about being underpaid. That shit annoys me! It will be interesting to see how long the Bengals keep it up. History has shown us most teams fold by either giving the player their money or trading them.

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