Sunday, April 20, 2008

Things I Thought While Watching The Hawks Lose Game One.

1st half

Celtics came out swinging!
Pierce is on fire.
We took their first round of blows, but we got back up.
We wanted Rajon Rondo to prove he could shoot, and he did.
Everyone not named Al Horford played like sh*t!
Cassell came off the bench balling again. See game tape from April 12.
Down 9 at the half.

2nd half
Bibby still struggling. I still heart him anyway, but I expected more.
Joe is trying, but it's not working.
Ray Allen found his groove.
KG is really intense/possibly insane.
Woody looks just as clueless as ever.
Josh Smith is not playing like a free agent.
Our starters cannot possibly play any worse.
We cannot win if Al is our best player.
Al is gorgeous!

I expected us to lose this game so I'm not going to go on a profanity laced tirade. I knew Boston would be crunk as hell for this game. Hopefully we'll be over it before game two. We have about 2 weeks until game two so hopefully Woody will be able to make the necessary adjustments. Not that he's made adjustments in any of the games prior to the playoffs, but I'm totally going to keep my fingers crossed.

By the way, the Sixers upset the Pistons. The Lakers and Magic also won.
The Nuggets team bus caught on fire on the way to the game. That darn Mitch will do anything to win! (wink)
Word on the street is Phil Jackson rode by and saw them, but he didn't stop. If that's true, it's funny. Not that he could have done anything anyway...... I doubt Phil drives a bus to the Staples Center, but I could be wrong.


Gangsta D said...

At what point did Bibby become a 6 foot bag of suck? If he had played like that in '02, the Lakers would've swept the Kings. Did he think Game 1 started tonight? lol

southpeezy said...

man, way too much halfcourt ball last night...we need to play like the athletic team that we are....we can at least be the GState of the East...RUN AND GUN....whats the use of having all these young legs only to play like the '03 Celtics...

FIRE MIKE WOODSON!!! {first day after our last playoff game}