Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Don't hate the Player

Kobe got suspended again for throwing an elbow and hitting a player. You could argue whether or not it was intentional, I personally don't think it was. Let me explain. Kobe was suspended more than a month ago for basically the same thing. Now Kobe would have to be a complete jackass to think he could get away with this knowing he'd been suspended before. I don't happen to believe Kobe is this dumb. I think he was just trying to "create contact" like many players in the league. The game has become so offensive that if you are wearing the right name on the back of your jersey no one can touch you. Ask D Wade, he got a ring out of it. The league has no one to blame but itself for the outrageous things players do trying to get to the free throw line. They call the game differently for superstars, so superstars go above and beyond to make it look like they are getting mauled every time someone touches them. Players charge down the lane uncontrollably between several defenders knowing the refs will at least assume someone touched them just because there was a crowd. Hey, that many defensive players in the paint, someone had to touch him! Right? Wrong? Superstars get those benefit of the doubt sometimes phantom calls because of their superstar status. The league created this monster so it seems a little hypocritical of them to overreact and suspend someone who was just trying to "create contact". Players get praised for their ability to "create contact" and get to the line, but Kobe has been suspended twice for it. Yes he was extremely rough in his attempts, but that doesn't mean he was trying to do anything more than he normally does when he's shooting and someone is draped all over him. If Stern and Stu really want to prevent this type of thing from happening they should start giving offensive fouls to players who "create contact". Right now the league is what it is. So like they say, "Don't hate the player, hate the game".

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