Monday, March 12, 2007

Hawks (of course) Isiah, and Ron Artest

So Syracuse is upset about being left out of the tournament, get the hell over it! Everyone can't make it and that's the beauty of it. I know in a single game elimination format anyone can win, but Syracuse isn't that anyone. I am pretty confident about that! Guess we'll never know.....
Isiah got that extension and you have people asking "why so soon"? Hey, the owner said he wanted improvement and he got it. I think most of these media personalities just can't stand the fact that they were wrong about Isiah. I'm happy for him because as I've said before I'm rooting for him, except when he plays the Hawks!
Speaking of the Hawks, they put their 3 game errant winning streak up against Philly's 6 game (I believe) winning streak tomorrow at Philips Arena. Somethings gotta give. I'm still not sure how I feel about the Hawks winning and taking away ping pong balls from us so I don't know who I want to win this game. I guess I should still be pulling for the Hawks because they have the same record as Philly and according to some, Philly is still in the playoff hunt. So I guess Atlanta is still in the playoff hunt too. They've already beat us twice this year so I guess we need to try to get this one.
Everyone is still in disbelief that the Kings let Ron Artest come back and play after he'd been arrested. Yeah I can see where all the outrage is coming from because teams never do this. Sigh, once again I have to remind you all that if you have talent someone will let you play! Ron has a whole gang of talent so there will be a job for him in the NBA as long as he's not locked up and he's capable of playing. These are the breaks people, and I don't understand why I'm one of the only people who knows better than to get all worked up when an athlete gets preferential treatment from the legal system and beyond. It's not right, but I've excepted it and everyone else should too. Let's find something else to be outraged about from now on! Athletes getting arrested and still being able to play are ineligible.

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