Monday, March 26, 2007

Pat Tillman, Takeo, MNF, laziness

I can't stand the sound of Dick Vitale's voice! Just thought that was worth mentioning.
I know he was an NFL player, I know he was an NFL player, I know he was an NFL player, but so what??? Why has finding out the truth about Pat Tillman's death been such a priority in this country? Are they spending this much time on all of the soldiers that die fighting in this war? Uh, no! I understand he left millions of dollars to go serve so apparently this makes him more of a hero than the 18 year old small town kid who enlisted, but this is ridiculous! I know someone who died over there and I know someone who killed over there. They were both serving this country, so in my eyes they are equal in the hero department. Just because Pat played in the NFL beforehand, that doesn't make his death any more tragic than anyone else's. Moving on.
The Hawks lost to the Heat. Yay! Bring on those ping pong balls!
Takeo Spikes got traded to the Eagles. This is good for him and hopefully it will be good for my Eagles! He's been in the league forever and has yet to smell the playoffs. Hopefully that will change this year.
The NBA season is too long.
Marshall Faulk officially retired, but if we're being honest he retired last year. We'll miss him. He works for the NFL network and I'm not exactly sure if I like him in that capacity, but I wish him luck anyway. He smiles like the Joker.
Joe Theisman won't be back on Monday Night Football this year. Now, if they could just get rid of Tony and Mike everything would be great! Apparently Jaws is going to replace him. He can't possibly be any worse so I guess this is an upgrade.
Finally, I saw this dude who is a double amputee on television today talking about running marathon's and it made me feel bad, as well it should have. There's no excuse for my laziness and he said as much. He just wants people to be more active and dammit, I'm going to try!

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