Friday, March 9, 2007

WTF is up with Supernanny, the Hawks and ESPN

So, apparently D Wade is going to appear on Supernanny sometime in the near future. I'm glad I just found the formula for making a bad ass child behave. Invite the reigning NBA Finals MVP over to play one on one with the little bastard. Nothing teaches an unruly child to behave like rewarding him with meeting his idol. WTF!
Why is ESPN trying so hard to get Kobe suspended? Now they are pointing out every elbow swipe he's ever done. They needn't try to act like Kobe is the only player in the league to use his elbow to get people off him! If Kobe gets suspended for that, then it will be clear the league has something against him.
The Hawks have won their second straight game without Joe in the lineup. The nerve! Now the rest of you guys want to step up and play well when we are out of the playoff picture!? It's probably never a good idea to root for your team to lose, but at this point we need ping pong balls more than we need 30 wins!
The Conference tournaments have been very entertaining! There have been buzzer beaters and overtimes and upsets galore! If this is any indication of what we can expect when the NCAA tourney starts, I won't be finding a day job anytime soon!

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