Thursday, March 22, 2007

Kobe, Sweet 16, Tubby, Matt Schaub

Kobe is a bad, bad man! He has scored a total of 175 points in 3 games. 65, 50 and 60 and his team needed every last one of them! He's a beast and he's clearly the best player in the NBA, it isn't even close. I'm not even going to spend a lot of time talking about this. I'm done already. I think I'll just ramble now.
The first day of the Sweet 16 games was just that; sweet! Ohio beat Tennessee by 1 point, Memphis beat Texas A&M by 1 point, Kansas beat Southern Illinois by 3 points and UCLA beat Pitt by 9 I guess you could call this game a blowout. You just cannot get games with this kind of intensity in the NBA playoffs because if you lose one, hey you have at least 3 more chances! Bull sh*t! The desire to win that all of these teams showed was unbelievable. They were going back and forth down the stretch, but unfortunately someone had to lose. I hope day 2 is this good!
Oh yeah, college kids suck at free throws! No one shoots over 68% it seems.
There's no way Greg Oden is only 19! I'll never believe it!
Tubby Smith left Kentucky, finally! He should have been gone, not because he wasn't a good head coach but because those Kentucky fans were delusional. Hey, you're not going to be a powerhouse every year. At least he got you into the dance consistently. They might miss him in the near future. You know some of these colleges think their coaching jobs are waaay better than they really are. For example" Kentucky basketball and Alabama football. Trust me people, it ain't that serious!
Tony Larussa got pinched for drunk driving. Dude actually fell asleep at a stop light with the car still in drive and his foot on the brake! Luckily no one was hurt, but damn Tony you're a millionaire!! Get someone to drive you home for crying out loud!
The Falcons traded Matt Schaub to the Texans for the 8th pick instead of the 10th pick in this year's draft and a second round pick this year and a second round pick next year. I wonder if Rich Mckay had on gloves and a ski mask cause this was a steal!!! And as far as Matt, he's my hero! Maybe players have been going about this getting money thing all wrong. Just do what Matt did, be a backup behind a mediocre quarterback that everyone overvalues, when you get your chance to play, throw for 300+ yards but don't actually win the game; but most importantly, have your friends and cousins call the local sports talk stations and bitch and whine about how your more accurate and you should be starting over the mediocre quarterback you're backing up! This will ultimately lead to everyone that doesn't live in your city calling for you to start as well. This will send your value through the roof! Teams will offer first round picks and proven veterans to get the service of you and your unproven career. Now, the wild card is you have to have a team as inept as the Texans to pay you $20 million over 3 years. You would think that would be the hardest thing to come by, but with the GM's running some of these teams, I'm not so sure this isn't one of the easier parts of the equation! Congrats Matt, you're my hero!

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