Tuesday, March 6, 2007

NFL Free Agents Getting Paid!!!

Damn it's a good spring to be an NFL free agent! I can see why Lance Briggs is so pissed that the Bears franchised him. These players are signing for obscene amounts and a lot of it is guaranteed, which is a major step up for the NFL! Several of the players have signed contracts with $20 million bucks guaranteed! Damn, I hope they continue to play at the level they've been playing at! I just don't know if they'll be motivated to give their all anymore. Some of them might get "Fat Cat Syndrome" or whatever the hell they call it! I mean, who could blame them? I'd sit on the end of a bench and be criticized by the media knowing that this time if they cut me, I still get $20 million bucks! That is laugh out loud funny! I'm sure to the pros in other sports this is no big deal considering all of their money is guaranteed, but still. Joey Porter and Patrick Kerney just to name a couple have got to be on cloud nine! Pat is coming off an injury and he is getting that kind of cheese! Damn! As far as the franchise tag, the Players Union needs to get a sack and get rid of this thing. None of them seem to like it so I don't know why the hell they signed off on it. Anyway, congrats to those men who should be set up for life now! The NFL has been making billions off these players for years and I can't begrudge anyone who wants to start chasing the money instead of the ring!

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