Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hawks, ESPN analysts, T-Mac for MVP

I pretty much dislike all of ESPN's NBA analysts! They sound like a broken record! Its clear Greg Anthony doesn't like any of them and they don't like him. I'm waiting for one of them to snap and kill the others and I'm hoping it happens soon!
My Hawks just keep on winning, 4 in a row. I was a little indifferent about them winning, but hey I'm a fan and I say win as many as possible. Josh was fantastic! He had 26 points, 17 rebounds, 4 steals and 3 blocks or something like that. Its going to take a nightly effort like that for the Hawks to stay in this playoff hunt. Wow! We're technically still in it!
Why is no one mentioning T-Mac for MVP? All the talk is about Dirk and Nash. Hey they have been very good, but Steve has 2 other All-Stars and probably the 6th man of the year on his team. And Dirk has one other All Star and probably the 6th man of the year on his team too. T-Mac has kept the Rockets at the top of the West without Yao Ming who had a broken leg for a lot of the season. The Rockets actually played better without him and they have no one to thank but T-Mac for that. He's kept that team afloat with a 50 year old center, (who happens to be playing very well, but he's still 50), a playground point guard, and a bunch of Tito Jacksons as Charles would say. Yes T-Mac is known to take a bad shot or 15, but those shots go in a lot of times which makes him somewhat unguardable. Under normal circumstances if you get a guy to take a bad shot, you've done your job defensively. But in the case of T-Mac and his cousin Vince for that fact, they take bad shots all the time, but they make them!!! I really can't explain it and no one else can either, so they've stopped trying. Anyway, I'd pick T-Mac for MVP just because I think he has been invaluable to his team. As I've said before, since there are no guidelines for what you are to consider when voting the MVP is always debatable. But, rewarding Dirk just because he is the best player on the best team is a cop out! Troy Smith won the Heisman, not because he was the most outstanding player, but beause he was the so called best player on the best team. That's not how its supposed to work. The only thing I remember about Troy Smith's Heisman winning season is the fact that when those Florida defenders got after his ass, he looked like a high school quarterback in the NFL. It was horrible! Let's not make that mistake in the NBA this year. However, Dallas is looking like the favorite right now. Then again, they had the best team last year, but Miami had the best player in the Finals so it kinda negated what Dallas had going on.

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