Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hawks (of course) Phx/Dal, PJax, NCAA tourney

Sigh, the Hawks got their asses whipped in Boston! They got way too much press for their four game winning streak I suppose. I guess we have to start over!
Dallas and Phoenix played tonight and man was it a game! I honestly thought ESPN hyped it to the point that it would be a blowout one way or the other, but it wasn't. They went into double overtime with Phoenix ultimately winning. It was very entertaining. I don't think it could have gone on much longer, because I'm sure Nash and Dirk were tired from dragging Bill Walton around from their sacks!
P Jax says the league retroactively assessing Kobe with a flagrant foul was a "witch hunt". I agree with him that they are now paying way too much attention to Kobe and his elbows. Phil says there are a few calls in every game that they could go back and change that could swing the game one way or the other, but are they going to do that? Nope, and I don't think they should be retroactively assessing anything else.
The NCAA tournament starts in a few hours and I'm excited. If I had a day job, I'd probably call in! The first 2 days of the tournament are just a smorgasbord of basketball and it doesn't get any better than that!

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