Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hawks, Knicks, Heat and NCAA tourney

The Hawks just keep winning. I really don't know how to feel about this. I watched Kevin Durant play against Kansas today and I want him on our team badly! Why can't the Hawks act like every other NBA team when their Superstar goes down and just lose, lose, lose?? Damn these victories, all they're doing is taking away ping pong balls!
The Knicks now own the 8th spot in the playoffs. I must admit I'm pulling for Isiah because I used to love him when I was a little girl! The Heat are playing well without D Wade and they could be a top seed in the East when all is said and done. I guess all that talk about their demise was a little premature. Just so you know, I looked at the East and Wade or no Wade I still thought they'd make the playoffs. I guess it was like so many other things, trendy for the so called experts to write them off.
The NCAA brackets are set and my Final Four teams are: Kansas, Florida, Memphis, and Texas. I'm just not sold on Ohio state for some reason. I really can't tell you why. I know that Texas pick is a reach, but I have a fan crush on Durant so I want to see him in the Final Four! I picked Kansas to win it all. I didn't base it on their RPI (I don't know what the hell that is) or strength of schedule or any of that other shit. I just like the way they play and I think they have enough to win it all.
There are only 6 mid majors in the tournament, I'm sure Billy Packer is somewhere throwing a little party because his feelings on mid majors are no secret. Never mind the fact that the tournament is way more interesting when a team with supposed inferior talent spanks a power house! Other than the fact that everyone's brackets were shot to hell last year, we all loved the run George Mason went on. Let's hope some other team does something similar.

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