Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Age of Love recap, Random Stuff

Well, we are down to 5 girls! There are three 40 somethings left (Jayana, Maria and Jen) and two 20 somethings (Amanda and Megan) Mary, the girl who cries all the time finally got eliminated! Thank goodness. She was a disaster and she was just hours away from completely flipping out and killing everyone there. Amanda admitted that she's in love with Mark although she didn't want to use the word. Megan made a mad dash to the front of the race this week. Mark is really feeling her and Amanda knows it. All of the women at one time or another throughout the course of the series have said that they don't like to have to share a man and things of that nature. Seriously though, what in the hell did you think the concept of the show was? I don't understand why the 20 somethings are freaking out about him dating the other women. I already know Amanda is crazy and everyone else in the house knows it too, but Megan might be a lil stalkerish as well. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago Maria had the feeling that Mark wasn't the guy for her and she was going to tell him she wanted to go during the elimination. She told all of the girls she was leaving and basically said her goodbyes. She came close, but he convinced her to stay. This week she had the same feeling and she told all the other girls that she was leaving that night. Low and behold Mark and those darn dimples convinced her to stay! Jayana is a bit irked by Maria at this point. Next week should be interesting. You can watch it here: http://www.nbc.com/Video/rewind/full_episodes/ageoflove.shtml

Mike Vick was indicted today concerning the dog fighting probe. Enter Joey Harrington.
Yanks won, Sux lost.
Miami finally released Pepp. He's young and hopefully there's still something left in the tank.

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