Friday, July 13, 2007


The Yankees lost to the Devil Rays tonight. Clemens was responsible, bless his heart. Red Sux lost too.
In other Yankees happenings, Sheffield broke the news that Derek Jeter is not equivalent to Al Sharpton in his blackness! Wow, I would have never guessed that Derek Jeter is not all the way black. I know he's half white, but I surely thought he was going to start the next revolution. I'm glad we have players like Sheff who are always out to clear up misconceptions. He'll back track on this story by weekend's end, but it's totally relevant right now!
Dwight Freeney signed a $72 million contract to remain with the Colts. I'm sure they had to twist his arm to get his signature on that one! He's now the highest paid defensive player in NFL history. $30 million of it is guaranteed. This should really put into perspective why these franchised players are so pissed this summer. Players have been getting paid small fortunes this off-season. Good luck to Lance Briggs and Asante Samuel and etc.
The Hawks began their Summer League play. They lost to the Utah Jazz 64-63. Al Horford had 18 points. Shelden Williams still sucks. Acie Law had 7 points 5 asst or something like that. In the grand scheme of things though, Summer League doesn't mean much.

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