Monday, July 30, 2007

KG to Boston, Vick, Barry, "Stuff"

Kevin Garnett might FINALLY be on the way out of Minnesota. Word on the street is that he's headed to Boston for everyone except Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen and Allen Ray. I'm sure there are some other people left on the roster, but seriously Minnesota is getting back like 10 players. Jesus, K G and Pierce are good enough (in theory) to make it to the ECF. We'll see what happens if this trade actually becomes official.
Mike Vick finally spoke out today. He did an interview with Porscha Fox from v-103 in Atlanta. It's the biggest station in the city I believe. It's good that he finally said something and I'm sure his lawyers were sitting right there monitoring every word that came out of his mouth. The dude in the case that went to court for the plea agreement today made it official. He's going to have to get on the stand and say whatever he told the prosecutors he would say. I suspect he won't be up there defending Vick, but ya never know. (wink) Apparently he's entered a guilty plea but they didn't guarantee him any specific punishment. I'm sure it's just legal mumbojumbo but I really don't understand why you would plead guilty and there's a chance that the judge could still give you the maximum sentence. I'd have to get some kind of assurance that I won't do X number of years or something a little more concrete then a recommendation of a lighter sentence, but that's just me.
The Braves got Mark Texiera from the Rangers. (pending a physical of course)
Bill Walsh, architect of the West Coast Offense died from leukemia today. He was 75.
Pepp is supposed to work out for the Raiders tomorrow. It could work.
Frank Gore broke his hand and he could miss the preseason.
So about this Barry Bonds home run chase and will the Commish be there and will Hank be there (no) does it really matter?? The only damn person that needs to be there is Barry. (for obvious reasons) It shouldn't matter who else is there watching as long as he does it in AT&T park. If he breaks that record anywhere other than San Francisco it won't matter if Hank and Bud are there, because he's going to be treated like sh*t by the fans. There won't be any reason to stop the game and celebrate the accomplishment because 85% of the people will not care to rejoice in that moment. Basically Barry and everyone else needs to stop worrying about whether Bud will be there because at the end of the day it probably won't matter.
Jose Canseco says he has "stuff" on A-Rod. Um, so even though he was telling the truth about most everyone he accused in his first book, you have to wonder why he didn't include A-Rod in that first group. Now all of a sudden he's writing another book and he has "stuff" on A-Rod. It just seems a bit suspicious to me, but he could be telling the truth so we'll just have to wait and see.
The family of Josh Hancock (Cardinals player who died in a car accident) has dropped their wrongful death suit against the restaurant that they claimed shared responsibility for his death.
I hope to be back tomorrow, but I have to go to the DMV and renew my license and in case you didn't know, the lines are long so it's possible that I could spend the rest of my 20's in that joint. Wish me luck!

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