Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mike Vick, (sigh) Skip Prosser, Stop Priest!

I'm starting to feel a little sorry for Michael Vick now. Hear me out. The Falcons are trying to act like the Michael Vick experience never happened. I heard on television that the Falcons had a luncheon for their season ticket holders and they showed a highlight film from last year and Mike Vick wasn't in it. Are you serious??? Who in their right mind could possibly scrounge up highlights of the Falcons' piss poor 2006 season and not HAVE to put Vick in them? I mean what were the highlights? Receivers almost catching passes, the first game when John Abraham was actually healthy, D Hall letting receivers catch damn near 200 yards worth of passes, but somehow managing to keep them out of the end zone? I'd really like to know where the hell they found highlights of last season? Seriously, Vick was the closest damn thing to a highlight last year and that's only because he rushed for over 1000 yards. That's something no quarterback has ever done and probably should ever have to do, but that's another story for another day. I'm blown away! I really am! And hey, just because they want to pretend like he was never there doesn't make it so. They can erase him from every highlight reel and take his likeness off every billboard, poster and every other thing associated with the Atlanta Falcons and fans will still remember he was there! While I'll be the first one to admit that there's a helluvalot of circumstantial evidence pointing to Vick, he could very well be acquitted! At the end of the day, the prosecutors have to get 12 people to agree unanimously that he's guilty and Vick has plenty of fans so all it will take is one person to think he's innocent then the prosecutors will have to try again. If he does get acquitted he should tell the Falcons to go straight to hell! They are treating him like a red-haired stepchild right now. (no offense to red haird stepchildren) They have shown him support in the past, but none of the other stuff he went through was this serious. Now, at a time when he needs them most they are already trying to wash their hands of him which I'd be all for if he'd already been convicted. They are treating him like his being convicted is inevitable. Do they know nothing about our justice system?? It works pretty damn well for the wealthy because they have teams of lawyers to make damn sure they don't do any serious time. Vick went into court today with a team of 5 lawyers I believe. He's not going to go down without a fight. I really hope at the end of the day justice is served. If he's guilty then he should be punished. If he's innocent then I hope he's able to resume his playing career in the NFL. If he does beat this charge, he needs to seriously take a look at some of the areas in his life that need improving. Basically, he needs to make better decisions and make damn sure that anything that has his name attached to it is legit. Moving on.
Yanks lost, Sux won
Skip Prosser the basketball coach at Wake Forest died today of an apparent heart attack. He was 56 years old.
Barry is still stuck on 753.
Griffey Jr. continued his trek towards 600 homers
Priest Holmes is going to give it another go. I really want him to stop! Last year the wrong hit could have ended it all for him. Has his status changed THAT much?? And they say Boxers don't know when to quit. I'm just sayin.............

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