Friday, July 27, 2007

"Michael Vick is dead to us" said Nike, Reebok

I told ya'll yesterday that the Falcons wanted to act like the Michael Vick experience never happened. Well, you can add Nike and Reebok to that list as well. They've suspended jersey sales and anything else that has anything to do with #7. Damn, it's hard out there for the accused!
Brady Quinn is holding out and word on the street is he wants to be paid like a franchise quarterback. The problem is that the Browns want to pay him like he was the 20 something pick in the draft. The Browns have the right idea here. Just because his agent and everyone around him told him he was a lottery pick doesn't mean the Browns have to pay him as such. They didn't choose him with their lottery pick and they shouldn't pay him more than they pay Joe Thomas. It shouldn't even be close because he was a late first rounder. Get over yourself Brady!
The Bucs cut Simeon Rice after he failed a physical. Sucks for him.
Kenny Lofton got traded back to the Indians for the 3rd time in his career.
Barry is one away from tying Hank.

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