Friday, July 20, 2007

Sack Vick, NBA=WWE, Turner Field

Sack Vick! That's what the protesters were saying outside of the Commish's office. They are so creative I don't know who came up with that slogan, but they should have their own advertising agency.
So the NFL and the Falcons may "urge" Vick to take a paid leave of absence. (I wish someone would pay me millions of dollars to sit my ass at home, I really do) Neither the NFL nor Arthur Blank want to be the one to tell Vick to stay his ass at home, but that's clearly what they want. Blank is in the precarious position of trying to please the fans, but no matter what he does there will be a large group of pissed off people. In Atlanta it seems like 40 percent of the people love Vick and think he is THAT dude. Another 40% hate Vick and think he's playing the wrong position. They fancy him as a running back or a wide receiver. Then there's the 20% of us rational fans that see Michael Vick for what he really is, a mediocre quarterback. He's not as good as those who love him think he is nor is he as bad as those who hate him think he is. He's just somewhere in between. Those of us in the 20% probably have mixed feelings about whether Vick should be allowed to play, but I myself couldn't care less. I'm an Eagles fan. However I will say that I don't think the league is being consistent with the way they've handed out punishments considering they've not suspended Vick. They gave Pacman the whole year off and when they did that he hadn't been charged or convicted of anything. He basically just had a well deserved bad reputation. Anyway, I knew when the Commish threw the book at Pacman it was going to put him in a situation like this somewhere down the line and here we are. I also knew that he'd not be so quick to suspend a franchise player. He wants to take the wait and see approach which is fine, but he didn't take that approach with Pacman and he should have to explain himself. And don't give me the repeat offender crap. Pacman kept being accused of being in trouble, but he wasn't charged (until recently) so I think that should have been taken into consideration. Nike suspended the release of Vick's new shoe. I'm sure if he's acquitted they won't be able to roll that sucker out soon enough!
The NBA has a mess on it's hands! One of the refs is under federal investigation for allegedly betting on games he officiated. Tim Donaghy is the accused. You can read more about it here. The NBA did not need this! Everyone seems to think it will be okay because it's just one referee. Well, I'm no conspiracy theorist (or am I) but I wouldn't be surprised if there were a couple more refs who had something to gain by the outcome of a game. Some of these officials call fouls and throw out technicals like they have a vested interest in certain teams. We've all watched NBA games where we almost vowed to never watch another game again because the officiating was so one sided. It all makes sense now! Now we know why some players can go to the free throw line a thousand times in a game. D-Wade's Finals performance has finally been put into perspective. (I'm only half serious about that Whitehot) Now we know how a team can get no calls for most of the game then when it's basically over the refs start to give them the calls that they couldn't get the other 45 minutes of the game. Hey, they've already seen to it that a certain team got the victory. I say all this in jest. But seriously, I remember the 2005 Finals when Rasheed left Horry to go double Gino and I thought to myself and out loud that someone better make sure he doesn't have an off-shore account somewhere. I wouldn't be surprised if players and officials alike were dirty. I also wouldn't be surprised if David Stern knew more about this than he'd like us to believe.
Yanks lost, Sux won.
I took my niece and nephew to a Braves game tonight. They lost to the Cardinals. Pujols hit me a home-run. I knew he would. It was fun. Nothing says professional baseball game at Turner Field like a cold hot dog and stale nachos. I totally understand why they let you bring your own food in there!


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