Sunday, July 8, 2007

Wimbledon, Overhype, Summer league,

Wimbledon is finally over and in case you were wondering Roger Federer won again. That's 5 straight Wimbledon titles for him. He's the most dominant athlete in the world and it isn't as close as some would lead you to believe. He played Nadal in the Final and Nadal actually had him on the ropes heading into the 5th set, but Federer obviously sensed it and promptly beat the hell out of the kid. Aparently he won't be considered the greatest unless he finds a way to win the French Open, but in my eyes if he gets to 15 Grand Slam Titles, he is the greatest! I don't give a damn if he masters clay or not. As unfortunate as it is for everyone playing tennis right now to be in the Roger Federer era during their prime, it's also unfortunate for him that Rafael Nadal who happens to be a clay court specialist is in his era. He probably won't win the French Open if he has to face Nadal in the Final just as Nadal probably won't win Wimbledon if he has to face Federer in the Final. It's just one of those things I guess. If Roger were American he would get waaaaay more love from the big sports networks like ESPN, but since he isn't he doesn't. They'd rather shove Andy Roddick and Michelle Wie down our throats than focus on players who actually win events in their sports. Andy is a one hit wonder if ever there were one. He might as well just take up modeling full time. (in reality he's not even that cute, he looks like a mouse) It's not like he's going to beat Federer anytime soon anyway.

There may be hope for American tennis in the form of a little colored boy named Donald Young. He won the Junior Wimbledon title. His success would do wonders for tennis in America and in the "hood" just like the Williams sister's success. Let's just hope ESPN doesn't crown him before he actually does great things. They have a tendency to do that and sometimes it doesn't work out so well i.e. Danica Patrick, Michelle Wie, Andy Roddick, Freddy Adu. I needn't go on, I think you get the point!

Yankees won, Sux lost. We need to get this deficit we are in down to single digits a.s.a.p.! Why in the hell hasn't Josh Beckett gone down with a hang nail yet??

Summer League basketball in the NBA is in full effect and if these games tell us anything (they don't) Greg Oden is going to be a foul prone big man who averages about 12 points per game for his career and Kevin Durant is going to have to jack up 20 shots to get 20 points. Not a good look at all! Seriously, summer league doesn't mean a damn thing!! Marvin Williams has been an absolute beast in the summer for the past 2 seasons and well.................... My Hawks start their Summer League play on the 13th I believe. Considering the games don't really tell us much, I actually don't care. (I'll let you know how #3 and #11 are doing)

The Bucks are still trying to convince Yi to play for them. I hope they make his ass sit, but they won't! They'll trade him. If women were running these professional teams believe me some of the players would be reminded who's actually writing checks. A lot of these guys are getting way too big for their breeches!


ASPOV said...

Hey, my sistah. I read through more than a few of your posts today. Nice writing. I feel for yur Hawks, tho' I'ma Heat fan. Will keep my eyes on those guys this year, and look forward to your insight here. Sistahs gotta support one another! i'll be back often. --ASPOV

Nothin_personal said...

Next time youare catching Grand Slam action, pay attention to my homeboy, Marcos Baghdatis. His a little crazy, entertaining as hell, and a top 10 talent at this moment (imo). Freddy Adu is doing some nasty stuff right now at the u-20 World Cup, in Canada. It's just that the whole hype machine doesn't affect me since I live in Greece. I hope they are not throwing Pele comparisons, or something!