Saturday, July 14, 2007

Random stuff

Yankees won, Sux did too.
Tom Glavine is 2 wins away from 300
Barry isn't going to break the home run record on the road, and yes it's by design.
Stephen Jackson and Ron Artest were suspended 7 games by the league for past indiscretions.
Apparently a fan at Yankee Stadium suffered a broken neck when another presumably drunk fan fell on him from a few rows up. Thankfully he is not paralyzed, but now I'm terrified to go to Yankee stadium in August like I've planned.
Mo Williams will remain with the Bucks for big bucks! Hahahah! I made a funny.
Steve Blake is going to sign with Portland. Everyone is tryna get on that Greg Oden Bandwagon I suppose.
Mikki Moore is going to sign with the Kings.
Jamal Mcgloire is going to sign with the Nets pending a physical. We all know how those Nets physicals can be. Ask Shareef and I can't recall the other player who failed from last year, but my basketball heads know what I'm talking about. Let's just say they find ish no other teams can find. Yet they still haven't figured out Vince Carter has no heart. Mind boggling I tell ya!

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ASPOV said...

They just wanna know if Magloire has a beating heart. If so, then it's all good. They still won't have a post presence, tho'.