Thursday, July 5, 2007

Random stuff

Yankees won, Sux did too. A-Rod's MRI didn't show anything to talk about. That's good, he'll probably skip the All-Star game though.
Barry and Ken Griffey say they will not participate in the Homerun Derby. They are basically too old to be participating in things of that nature.
Venus is still alive at Wimbledon, but Serena is out in case I forgot to mention it. I think Venus is going to win it all much like she did in 2005.
Roger Federer's match got rained out during the first set. He hasn't played much lately and he looks a little rusty.
Grant Hill is apparently going to sign with the Suns. I understand veterans wanting to sign with teams that are championship contenders, but D Antoni buried Jalen Rose on the bench last year and he's known to only play about 8 players. Good luck to him though.
Kobe says he apologized to Mitch Kupchack for the way he handled his trade request. How sweet.

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like you talk about alot of nothing. I think Greg Oden and Kevin Durant will both be two effective players this season, remember they're only rookies do you expect them to put up Micheal Jordan stats...I don't think so! I understand these are your opinions, but how can I say this?...Your opinions STINK!!!