Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tony LaRussa is an Idiot!

Tony La Russa is an idiot.
The MLB All-Star game was tonight and since it's the only All-Star game with something on the line it can be very intriguing. The AL won of course. That's 10 in a row now so whomever makes it to the World Series from the AL will have home field advantage. Ichiro won the MVP, he was 3-3 with an inside the park home run. Oh, the reason I say Tony La Russa is an idiot is because the bases were loaded in the bottom of the 9th and the NL was down 1 run, Tony had one bench player left and it was none other than Albert Pujols. He did not pinch hit him!! He did not pinch hit Albert f***ing Pujols in the bottom of the 9th against a pitcher who had walked 2 batters because he couldn't find the strike zone!!!! I couldn't believe it, I really couldn't. He should have pinch hit Albert one batter before the bases were loaded, but I guess since Orlando Hudson had already................ done nothing, he wanted to give him a crack at it. Not a good idea. What was he saving Albert for?? Maybe no one told him that this game actually means something to one team in the NL. The Cardinals could even be that team, it's unlikely but possible. He has some splainin' to do. Nothing against Orlando Hudson or Aaron Rowand, but they aren't even close to Albert Pujols. They couldn't even carry his luggage. Tony is an idiot. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate his idiocy because I bet one of my friends dinner that the AL would win, but I'm just sayin.
Greg Oden will probably miss the remainder of Summer League play because he needs to have his tonsils taken out. He'll go to the ESPY's en route to the dentist.
The Salary Cap in the NBA will be a little over $55 million this season. That means if Orlando gives Rashard Lewis that max contract it will be worth more than $75 million.
Remember when Steve McNair got charged with DUI because he let a drunk person drive the car he owned, well the charges have been dropped. It never made sense to me anyway.

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white hot eboy said...

CoCO, I gotta say I was entertained by the game. I had nothing else to turn to last night ,well I did check out the Singing Bee, (mildly retarted) but overall the game had some cool things happpen (especially Ichiro's inside the park HR) but I agree Larusa always seems out of it and last night was no exception.