Monday, July 16, 2007

Ken Griffey Jr., Barry Bonds, Peasants Money

Ken Griffey Jr. hit his 587th home run tonight at Turner Field and I was there to see it! Yay for me! The only reason I went to the game was to see Jr. and I told everyone who would listen he would hit a home rum for me and he did! Yes, it was for me dammit! I've never gone to a Braves game and left having not accomplished what I set out to accomplish. I went to see Barry on 8/29/04 and I went with the intentions of seeing him hit a home run and he hit 2 of them. 695 and 696. I don't even remember who won that game. Anyhow, I love baseball but NL baseball doesn't do much for me. The reason it took me so long to see a professional baseball game (other than the fact that I grew up in Bama) is because my first game was supposed to be in Yankee Stadium. But, when Barry came to town and he was close to 700 I HAD to go see him! He's one of the best players ever and anytime you have a chance to see greatness you have to take it. That's why I'm soooo glad Griffey was healthy this trip and I was able to go see him. His smile is worth the price of admission. I meant his swing. Yeah his swing is worth the price of admission. He's now 6th all time. Oh, the Braves were horrible! The starting pitcher didn't even get out of the first inning and the relievers were no better than he was! They made mental mistake after mental mistake. They had like a million errors! Seriously.

Yanks won, Sux did too.

I'm convinced Barry Bonds is dodging ESPN! He has yet to play a game that they've televised this year. What a coincidence that his need for rest always seems to happen when ESPN has the game. I know he's in a horrible slump right now and he's as old as Methuselah, but this is a little suspicious to me. I'm just sayin.

Barry Bonds prayed with the Rev. Jesse Jackson before tonight's game. (insert joke here)

Acie Law had a great game at the Rocky Mountain Revue against the Mavericks. I can't remember his stats right now and I'm not going to look them up. If this were the regular season I would, but it isn't so I shan't.

Asante Samuel and Lance Briggs can forget about getting their long term deals from the Pats and Bears for right now. They had until 4 p.m. today to reach an agreement and they didn't. Now, they'll have to either sign the one year tender or sit out. I know that $7 million is peasants money, but I'm sure if they budget they can get through the year. My thoughts and prayers are with them in these desperate times.

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