Monday, July 9, 2007

Barry, A I, All-Star Starting Pitchers, Derby

It's a bit early but I had to get on here real quick. I don't know why everyone is making such a big deal about Barry not being in the Home run Derby. Dude is a million years old! What good would it do for him to get up there with no cartilage in his knee trying to hit home runs just for the hell of it? None! He needs to save all of his strength for breaking that record! He's already having a hard enough time hitting home runs when it matters, he needn't worry about hitting meaningless ones. Some guys struggle mightily after they participate in the Derby. Bonds can't afford to take a risk like that. He has parties to go to anyway!
A I has to pay one of the dudes that sued him for his entourage beating him up $260, 000. It's better than the $20 million they wanted. Better for Iverson that is. I know $260 g's may not be a lot to A I, but the jury just told him and other athletes that they will be held accountable for their homeboys. Beware of the company you keep.
Jake Peavy will start the All-Star game against Dan Haren. I'm an American League girl no doubt, but I gotta pull for Jake Peavy cuz he's a Bama boy!
Just for the hell of it, I'm going with Cecil's boy to win the Home run Derby. I don't know why I insist on referring to him as Cecil's boy like he's not his own man. I normally pick players who have nice swings, but I can honestly say I haven't paid all that much attention to Cecil's swing. I just hope he doesn't have one of those violent David Ortiz type swings that don't translate all that well in Derby's.

So I was wrong about Cecil's boy. He sucked along with everyone else in the derby until the 2nd round. Vlad won and all he needed was 3 home runs in the final round just to give you some indication of how sucky it really was. He beat Alex Rios who is a cutie by the way!

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