Tuesday, June 19, 2007

$1.99 video, Joe Girardi

Yankees lost, Sux won. Blah.

So these two guys have video of Kobe in a profanity laced tirade and they are selling it for $1.99 Great move by them. I'm sure it's just more of what Kobe has been saying except it includes a few 4 letter words! This whole little situation could end badly for Kobe and L.A. I understand he has a no trade clause, but let's just say the Laker's can't get a deal done with his 3 preferred teams. Mitch would have to be a damn fool to send Kobe to Phoenix so let's count them out. Chicago has some good young talent, but what if they can't get it done? The Knicks have some pieces and some bad contracts, but they'd have to trade all of the pieces that could help Kobe make them competitive. I just don't know if Kobe is going to get traded considering his wish list of teams is so short. He should pretty much accept any trade to a team in the East though. It doesn't take much to contend on the right coast. We'll see what happens though.

The Orioles have offered their managerial job to Joe Girardi. DON'T DO IT JOE! Wait until this winter when there will most certainly be job openings on teams whose outlook is not as bleak as Baltimore's. Just continue to do your broadcasting thing!

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