Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Draft (we didn't get Amare)

Well, the draft is still going on but the Hawks were finished after 11. We got Al Horford and Acie Law. I was right! The crowd at the draft party was not so stoked about the Horford pick for whatever reason, but they were psyched about the Law pick. In theory we addressed our 2 biggest needs unfortunately it doesn't make us better. We are still a very young team and unless Marvin starts showing that upside that we've heard so much about the past 2 years then we are going to be in the lottery again (without a pick) We still need to make a couple of trades. We won't, but we need too. In other interesting draft news, the Sonics traded Ray Allen to the Celtics for the #5 pick that is Jeff Green. They're rebuilding so it was a good look to get the pick, but Jeff Green.?. He's pretty much an extremely poor man's Kevin Durant. As far as Boston, Al Jefferson might never see the ball again. Between Paul Pierce's 20+ shots and Ray Allen's shots look for Jefferson to become one hell of a rebounder if he intends to score. The Blazers traded Zebo to the Knicks for Channing Frye and Stevie Franchise. Say what you want about Isiah, but this is a damn good trade for the Knicks. It takes some big ones to bring Zach to New York though! Can you imagine the foolishness he might get into now???? If you can find trouble in Portland, you can find it anywhere. I'm not sure about the Blazers relying on Greg Oden for their low post scoring. I know he was hurt, but I'm almost certain before it's all said and done he'll be known more for his defense than anything else. We'll see what happens. The only other pick that surprised me was when Chicago took Noah at 9. They need a low post scorer in the absolute worst way so they are either going to make a serious run at K G or they just said to hell with it, they'll live and die by the J. Either way. I'm glad the draft is over and we didn't take the Chinese boy. He might turn out to be a baller, but I'm still glad we didn't take him! My early pick for rookie of the year is Kevin Durant. The Sonics just got rid of the only man standing in the way of him being able to shoot as much as he wants. He'll be the go to guy on offense so he'll have great numbers. I think he's going to be better than Oden when it's all said and done.

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