Thursday, June 21, 2007

Swept, Miggy, KG

How do we get swept by the f ing Rockies??? Come on fellas, ya'll couldn't get at least one damn win??? Now our deficit is back to double digits. Ugh.
Miguel Tejada apparently fractured his wrist so his consecutive games played streak is prolly over!
Joe Girardi declined the Orioles job. Whew! Good for him!
Oh, yesterday Sammy Sosa hit his 600th home run. He still won't get into the hall without some serious resistance from the voters.
I may have failed to mention this but Pacman has been charged with 2 felonies stemming from the All-Star weekend fiasco.
Kevin Garnett has no interest in a trade to Boston. You know what? Screw K G! I won't feel bad if he wastes away in Minnesota for the rest of his career. He deserves it if he insists on staying there. You know the way Kobe has been acting towards the Lakers with the bitching and venting and such? That should be KG. Instead he wants to sit on his damn hands and watch Kevin Mchale make stupid decision after stupid decision. He deserves whatever bad comes to him in his basketball career! I mean seriously, was he not watching the Eastern Conference playoffs? It doesn't take much to be competitive and every team in the East thinks they have a legitimate chance to get in the playoffs and make a run. That's all most vets ask for, but not KG apparently he wants more. I'm here to tell you homeboy, you have a better chance going deep into the playoffs in the East on any team than you do in the West on most teams. Get over yourself!

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