Sunday, June 10, 2007

Game 2, Nadal, Lewis Hamilton

Game 2 of the NBA Finals is in the books and the Spurs now lead the series 2-0. All they did was take care of home court in all honestly, but I can't see Cleveland winning 3 in a row at home. It ain't happening. The Cavs still had no answer for the big 3. I don't know how many teams have to learn the hard way that they can't beat the Spurs when Timmy Tony and Gino all have 20+ points. Lebron has had the pleasure of defending Tony Parker this series and tonight he held him to 30 points. Stop it Mike. When LeBron is your best option on defense you are in trouble. He's known for a lot of things but stout defense is not one of them. The Cavs keep reaching back to their series with Detroit where they were down 2-0 and they came back. Once again, San Antone is not Detroit. For 3 quarters they put on a clinic out there. The fourth quarter they kind of fell apart, but we all knew the Cavs would make a run so that's not surprising. The Spurs made the stops when they had to and they held on and got the victory. In the process Robert Horry looked like a teenager out there. He was blocking shots all over the place. He ended up with 5 in all. They only have one day in between games (thank God) so we'll see what happens. If Mike Brown couldn't come up with the proper adjustments with 3 days to prepare, I don't expect much out of him with one day to prepare. Having said all of that, I think Cleveland will win Tuesday. Insert Steve Javy and Joe Derosa and LeBron is due to have a 20+ free throw attempt game, Timmy will be in foul trouble and in the end Cleveland will be back in this series. I don't expect it to go further than five at this point though. Oh, LeBron shot an airball early in the game at the free throw line. It was funny.

The Yankees won, Sux lost. Yay, we're down to a single digit deficit. Isn't it time for Josh Beckett to miss a couple of more starts with blisters or something? Come on man, I'm counting on you!

Bonds is still in a drought.

Nadal beat Federer. He's about the only person who can look Federer in the face and know he has the edge. (on clay)

Today a colored man won a Formula 1 race for the first time. His name is Lewis Hamilton. (yes I said colored)
I'm sure a lot of other stuff happened today, but I can't remember anything else, so I'm out!

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