Thursday, June 7, 2007

NBA Finals, Joe's 2,000, Culpepper

Game one of the NBA Finals is in the books, as expected the Spurs took care of business. I'm going to say the same thing about Cleveland that I said about Utah. You cannot let Timmy (24 pts 13 reb) Tony (27 pts 7 asst) and Gino (16 pts 8 reb) get off. You might be able to overcome 2 of the 3 having a good game, but you can't expect to win if you let all 3 of them have their way with you. Tony was all over the place and he scored way too many points in the paint to be as small as he is. I understand Tony is not LeBron, but it might not be a bad idea to take the ball out of his hands. Teams basically let him dribble around until he gets good and damn ready to pass or shoot. Somethings gotta give. LeBron only had 14 points and they were a hard earned 14 . Daniel Gibson was effective when he was in there, but Mike Brown barely let him in there. That's the coaching disadvantage Cleveland has. He'd rather let Larry Hughes play after he's admitted that his foot injury makes it feel like he's walking on hot marbles. Come on Mike, put the kid out there. He's shooting a ridiculously high percentage over the last few games. He's your best option at the guard position at this point. We'll see what kind of adjustments they make before game 2 and since that is 3 days away he has time to come up with something good.
On an unrelated note, Lebron had on a sweater vest. He's been wearing them all throughout the playoffs, but I have to say something about it now. It's June young man, that means its too late in the year for you to be wearing a sweater vest!!! And, not to mention you were in hot ass Texas! Put those things away until October.
The Yankees won tonight, yay. A-Rod hit a grand slam in the top of the 9th and we needed it. We only had a one run lead at that point and I'm just not comfortable with that the way Rivera has looked early on. That was also Joe Torre's 2,000th win.
Curt Shilling had a no hitter in the bottom of the ninth and as I watched in horror when he got out 2, my new favorite Oakland A Shannan Stewart hit a single to break it up! I stood and cheered. No way in hell we need Curt Shilling to get a no hitter! We'd never hear the end of it! And by We I mean fans in general not just Yankee fans.
The Magic hired Stan Van Gundy and they are going to give the Heat a second round pick and the option to switch 1st round picks next year. For Stan???? If you say so Orlando.
Sharapova got her behind kicked at the French Open.
Culpepper wants to be released instead of traded from the Dolphins. They might need to hold on to him. In all fairness, he wasn't completely healthy last year when he made that comeback. Most athletes are stupid about their injuries and they rush themselves back for fear of losing their jobs. I hate to generalize, but this is the way it seems 90% of the time. Anyway as far as Miami is concerned, Trent Green is a million years old it won't hurt to have Daunte as a backup plan. This year things might go better since he should be healthier.

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