Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hawks update (more drama)

So here's a little update on the Amare to the Hawks and why it will never happen and why we will be drafting Yi with the 3rd pick.
Apparently Steve Belkin (the owner the other half of Atlanta Spirit is battling in court) has the right to veto any trade or free agent signing that will put the team over the salary cap. If Amare comes that will put us over so if this is true that pipe dream is as good as shattered.
Michael Gearon Jr. (one of the other owners in the group) has some strong business ties to China and he wants the team to draft Yi at 3 while Billy and most everyone else wants to take Horford. If this is true, for the first time Billy isn't going to be the one responsible for setting the team back any further (in theory) You know that feeling I had in my stomach when I heard about the proposed trade that would bring us Amare? Well let's just say that feeling has turned into a nauseus one. This whole ownership situation gets more and more ridiculous every damn summer. This is why it's not a good idea to invest millions of dollars with other millionaires who you know absolutely nothing about. It's hard enough to get a group of people that have all known each other for years to agree on anything. It's next to impossible to get a group of businessmen who have no personal relationship with each other to agree on anything. This is why I've said all along that it might not be a bad idea to let one man run the team, but given his alleged latest move I don't know if Belkin is that man. I mean if there is even the slightest chance that he will gain control of this team he should want Amare on it! I know he's better than 95% of the guys in this draft. So what if it will put them over the salary cap? If you are interested in winning you have to spend money and this ownership has plenty of money to spend that they didn't even have to earn. They got millions of dollars just from the nationally televised games (the Hawks didn't have a nationally televised game) so you can safely assume they came away on top there. This just irks my freakin nerves! You know what? I might not even wait 2 years before I change my allegiances. I'm so frustrated by this ownership group, let's just say Chicago is about to make a mad dash at becoming my favorite team. Why Chicago? They show some of their games in Atlanta on WGN. Hey I gotta take what I can get. I don't see myself buying NBA league pass anytime soon but ya never know.
Oh, the Yankees lost again. Dammit!

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