Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It's been nice Cleveland, Verlander no, no

Well game three is in the books and the Cavs did everything they needed to do to win. They kept Tony in check, got Timmy in foul trouble early and held Gino to only 3 points. See they did everything they needed to, but they didn’t win. The important thing is that they gave themselves a chance and that’s all they could ask for. The Cavs shot 3-19 from the 3 point line while San Antone shot 10-19, that won’t get it done. I honestly thought the Cavs would win one game, but it had to be game 3. They might get run out of the gym Thursday night. Cleveland shouldn’t feel bad though, this is a great learning experience for them and it will only help them in the future. As I’ve said before, the Spurs are decidedly better than them in every category. It was blatantly obvious tonight in many areas. The Spurs coach and role players were just better. Seriously, Pop is like 20 steps ahead of Mike Brown. Bruce Bowen had 14 points tonight on mostly 3’s (that’s about all he shoots) and that was enough to pretty much wrap up this series for San Antone. They still have to win one more game, but at this point it’s just a formality. Tony seems to think Timmy is still the MVP at this point, but I think he’s just being modest.
Justin Verlander pitched a no-hitter for the Detroit Tigers. He was crunk as hell in the 9th inning. He got the ball up to 102mph. Filthy. He had a couple of great defensive plays behind him as most pitchers who throw a no-hitter do.
Yankees won, Sux did too unfortunately.
A 12 year old girl qualified for the U.S. open. Yay for her. Michelle Wie should take notice of how it should be done. Qualify instead of get an exemption all the damn time.
Pacman dropped his appeal to the Commissioner. I don’t feel like Goodell was going to overturn it anyway. If he behaves we’ll see him in week 10.

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