Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Yanks, Kobe for T-Mac, Random stuff

So I've neglected to post a few times this past week. I have my niece and nephew for the summer and so yeah. Anyway, the Yankees suck again. We are now double digits behind the Red Sux again. Sigh. Rumor has it that Chicago is looking to trade Mark Buehrle. I hope Cashman has at least put in a phone call. Although in fairness, the pitching hasn't been that bad. Our bats have gone cold again.
Ken Griffey Jr. is still hot. If only he could have stayed healthy. He's almost at 600 home runs and he's spent an enormous amount of his career on the DL. That should put into perspective just how good Griff was.
The Lakers were trying to get KG, but apparently the deal is dead now. The ESPN gang is reporting that even if they got KG Kobe still wants to be traded. Supposedly John Paxson (GM of Chicago) sent Kobe a text message and basically told him that a trade to Chi-town wasn't going to happen. If I'm Jerry Buss, I 'm not trading Kobe. He can opt out when the time comes, but there is no way in hell I'm going to be the GM that traded Shaq and Kobe. It just ain't happening. Although, one trade I've thought of for the Lakers is they should probably try to get T-Mac for Kobe. Seriously, this trade helps both teams. T-Mac is a bonafide superstar and that is what L.A. needs in return if they are going to trade Kobe. As far as Houston is concerned, T_Mac and Yao isn't working for whatever reason, they just aren't getting it done so it's time to move on. To be honest, the team played better without Yao this past season. I'm not making this up, they really did. Anyway the salaries match enough that the trade would work and it wouldn't have to involve any other players. They should seriously consider this deal. I know they won't, but they should. I know to most people including myself think Kobe is the best player in the world. There is nothing he can't do, except apparently make his teammates better. T-Mac kept the Rockets in the top of the Western Conference while Yao was out nursing his broken leg and he didn't have much more to work with than Kobe. I love T-Mac! He is one of my favorite players and I think this would be a win, win for him and L.A. Kobe is the best player in the world, but that hasn't translated to wins lately so it doesn't really matter. At the end of the day, this would be the only deal that I could see the Laker's getting almost fair value for Kobe. Their numbers are very similar and they both have star quality. The only reservations they should have is T-Mac's bum back, but if Kobe decides he'd rather sit than play for them they need to explore this trade.
Expect Paul Pierce to want out of Boston soon.
Anyway, the Bears waived Tank Johnson after he was sort of arrested for being slightly impaired. I don't even know what that means. Seriously I don't. Even though he has to sit out 8 games, I know for a fact that we have not seen the last of this young man. Someone will give him is 3rd chance and so on as long as he can still play. That's just a fact.
Wimbledon has started and I have to go with Federer and I'm going to go with Serena to win it all. Serena is a long shot, but Federer is damn near a no brainer as long as there's no clay and Rafael Nadal involved. He can overcome one or the other, but not both.

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