Sunday, June 3, 2007

Lebron wins the East, but it probably ends there.

So, the Finals are set. San Antone vs. the Lebron's. Um, I'd like to say Cleveland has a real shot at winning this thing, but unfortunately I cannot in good conscience speak such words. I don't think they'll win more than one game against the Spurs. It will be a good learning experience for the Cavs though. They are outmatched in a number of areas. In the past 3 series they've clearly had the best player on the floor, that will not be the case in this series. Tim Duncan is the best player left in the playoffs at this point. He's the smartest and he makes all the necessary adjustments to give his team a chance to win. He's also going for ring #4 and I don't see him letting the future of the league prevent his winning right now. The coaching matchup is not even worth debating. I've already said too much. The Spurs bench is deeper, and their role players are more consistent. All in all they just have a better team. I know we all thought the same thing about the Pistons, but the only real advantage the Pistons had was the fact that they were more experienced. The Spurs have that plus everything else I mentioned above. If Lebron can pull off this upset, he has to be considered the BEST player in the league hands down.

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