Monday, June 4, 2007

Tank, Vick, Joe Torre, Billy Donovan

Roger Goodell is at it again. He suspended Tank Johnson for 8 games following his release from jail. I really don't think the Commish is being consistent. He threw the damn book at Pacman and he hasn't even been convicted of anything. I think Goodell really needs to revisit his decision where Pacman is concerned. He's no saint and he does need some type of intervention, but he's gotten the worst of the punishments and he's yet to face any penalty from our justice system. This latest ruling is giving him great ammunition for his appeal. Falcon's fans have to start being concerned about the possibility that Vick will miss significant time this season. I have to assume the only reason the Commish hasn't punished him yet is because he's a marquee player and one of the faces of the league. It's one thing to suspend corner backs, and defensive tackles, but it's quite another to suspend a $137 million franchise quarterback. There are really no guidelines for his rulings. It should be interesting.
Alright, about the Yankees. I stated a long time ago that Joe has been mismanaging this bullpen, but tonight he took it to a whole other level. He pulled the rookie pitcher in the 2nd inning and the score was only 3-1. Give me a break Joe! Sometimes you just have to leave them out there and sometimes it will cost you the game, but dammitt those are the brakes. The bullpen needs a rest sometime. Joe has got to stop treating the relievers like second class citizens. It's one thing to pull the starter after 5 innings (which is ridiculous most of the time) but its quite another to pull him after 2 when he's only given up 3 runs (one on an error by his defense). I see why everyone is calling for Torre's job. Of course he can't help the injuries and hitting slumps and so forth, but he has mismanaged what little pitching the Yankees do have for most of this young season. Somethings gotta give.
The Billy Donovan saga is far from over. From what I understand the Magic want an agreement that he won't coach in the NBA for at least 5 years if they let him out of his contract. I don't think they'll have to worry about that. Any NBA team that goes after him has some serious issues if they do so in the near future. I'm glad he had this change of heart before it was too late.

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