Wednesday, June 6, 2007

500 Saves, Riles is a Hater, Kevin Durant

Jamal Mashburn and Dee Brown on television at the same time analyzing basketball is brutal.
Yankees won and Wang pitched a complete game. Wow, I didn't think Joe had it in him to leave a starter out there for more than 5 innings.
Trevor Hoffman got his 500th save tonight. He's the only pitcher to ever accomplish this. That's impressive in case you were wondering.
The Ducks won the Stanley Cup if anyone cares.
MLB wants Jason Giambi to cooperate with their investigation. He's on the DL so he has nothing better to do, and hell he brought up accountability so he should cooperate.
The Billy Donovan saga is finally over, the Magic let him go. The Magic want Stan Van Gundy but Pat Riley wants to be compensated before he let's him out of his contract. He's such a hater. Why is he trying to hold Stan back? He didn't think Stan was good enough to lead his team to a ship, but someone else does. He shouldn't stand in the way of that. Word on the street is that Sacto might offer him their job. Will Pat ask for compensation from them? This is why you grow to respect organizations like the Spurs. Everyone wants all of their assistants because they assume they've been groomed well and will help their organizations. San Antone never stands in the way of someone trying to come up. In a perfect world I'm sure they'd like to keep their assistants and personnel people because they've helped build a winning franchise, but they see the bigger picture. You should never hold anyone back.
So the big news of the day is the fact that Kevin Durant apparently can't bench press 185lbs. So what?? How much does a basketball weigh, because that's all I'd be concerned with. I hope Seattle is stupid enough to pass on him. We'd gladly take him and his weak frame with that third pick. Honestly I'm not surprised he can't bench 185lbs. I saw him in person and I wasn't even convinced he weighed 185lbs. There's no doubt he needs to get bigger, and he will. He'll put on grown man weight when he becomes a grown man. He's just a kid. I for one could care less about any Combine from the NFL to the NBA. I don't see how some one's draft stock can rise just because they can run drills efficiently. How is it that their game performances become an afterthought when you're deciding whether or not to draft them? I can tell you from watching my beloved Hawks and their last 2 drafts that I don't want a damn workout warrior on my team. We have that in Marvin and Shelden Williams (no relation) I'll take game tape all day every day on a player, and you should too.
The Finals finally start tomorrow. Damn the NBA knows how to build anticipation, or lose momentum depending on who you ask.

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