Monday, June 11, 2007

Barry, 5, NFLPA, Flip's safe

Barry finally hit another home run.
The young man who was in the car with JR Smith when he ran through a stop sign and crashed died today. So sad, neither one of them was wearing a seat belt.
McNabb returned to practice way earlier than expected. I told ya'll just the other day that athletes were a little stupid about their injuries. I mean so what if you broke your knee in several different places, all you need is a few months off then you'll be totally able to let 250lb defensive linemen hit you again. Your knee will hold up just fine! (wink) All I have to say is he needs to pay close attention to what is happening to Pepp in Miami. He came back too early and now everyone forgot how good he used to be. Would it really kill him to perhaps take the whole year off and get completely healthy?? The Eagles are not going to cut him and if they do, so what?? Then he'd get to pick his team, it's a win win for him to concentrate on his future. These athletes should know by now that a lot of these team doctors are just that, TEAM doctors. It's not like there haven't been instances where they've cleared a player who wasn't quite ready. I could go on about this forever, but I won't.
The battle between disabled former players and the NFLPA is getting nasty. There's too much money for those guys not to be taken care of.
Joe Dumars says Flip's job is safe. Why Joe? How many playoff games do you need to see to realize that Flip is not good at making adjustments? Chauncey might leave for that reason alone. I know you gave him his first real chance to be the leader of a team, but it's a business man. Chauncey better recognize that when he hits the market.
Game 3 is tomorrow, and I fully expect the Cavs to win that game before San Antone finishes them off.

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