Thursday, June 14, 2007

Spurs win, Tony MVP, LeBron, Yankees

We are all witnesses. So San Antonio won. Um, this Finals was so anticlimactic! The Spurs celebration was even business as usual. Seriously, they looked like they've known since November that they were going to win this title and they were annoyed that the league made them wait until June to get the trophy. I guess when you've won 3 of the last 5 it seems kind of routine. Congrats to Mike Finley, all of the Spurs players kept saying they wanted to win it for him and they did. Tony Parker was named MVP and he deserved it. Timmy did not play particularly well tonight, but Tony came ready and Gino sealed the deal with 13 points in the 4th quarter. They were just better than the Cavs and I'm sure they knew it all along they just couldn't say it. LeBron ended up with 24 points, but he didn't shoot well. It took him 30 shots to get those points. That's not a good look. What's even worse is that he had on a dress vest with a t-shirt that had writing on it underneath the vest. Sigh. I don't know who his stylist is, but seriously he looks like the little girl who's mom let her dress like a fairy for the day just because she wanted too. Something's gotta give. Boobie had absolutely no impact in this series just as I suspected. I knew those looks that he got late in the Detroit series were not going to be there against the Spurs. For whatever reason all of the so called experts proclaimed after that series that LeBron finally had his reliable second scoring option. Well, old reliable didn't work out so well. Anyway, the Cavs had an extremely easy road to the Finals which is why they earned the right to get smacked around by the Spurs anyway. They'll be better for it in the future. LeBron has to work on a few things and hopefully someone will tell him that. I don't think Mike Brown is the guy to criticize LeBron and tell him that his release shouldn't look different every time he shoots. Hell, he says things like "LeBron allows me to...." LeBron needs a coach that will tell him that he's not as good as advertised and he has some serious flaws in his game. Mike isn't going to do it because he's terrified as hell of losing his job if his Superstar player doesn't like him. As a matter of fact, I think the whole Cavs organization is terrified of losing LeBron in 4 years (or whenever that new contract expires) so they let him go along thinking his ish doesn't stink. They better find someone to tell him to work on his jumper and his free throws and it wouldn't kill him to develop a post game. The running over people thing will only get you so far as demonstrated in the series against the Spurs. Anyway, I'll miss the NBA. The draft is in a couple of weeks, I can't wait to see how Billy Knight sets our franchise back 10 more years.

Yankees won, Sux lost. Yay! We're only 7.5 games back. Andy Pettite was great, Josh Beckett was not. I'm still waiting on him to get a hang nail and miss a few starts!

I haven't mentioned it, but Griffey Jr.'s been playing pretty well. He has 579 home runs.

Daunte Culpepper injured his left hand in a car accident. He should be fine, he's right handed anyway.

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